Fun in Fall: Making Memories Through Sporty Activities

baby walking in the grass

Fall is the best time for families to start doing fun activities that can also double as a great way to do exercise. It is best to get your kids active and fit during this time as winter will keep everyone inside due to the cold weather. The activities you do together will not just be character building for your kids and bring you closer as a family. It will also supply everyone with wonderful memories to enjoy during the winter weeks of being stuck at home.

Trying out as many new activities as you can is a great way to plan your vacations for the year ahead. Half the fun of a vacation is anticipation and planning. You can do various things, and you will never know what you truly enjoy until you try it out.

Perhaps your family will find their passion for fishing. You can easily rent a boat and take them out to try it. Maybe your spouse has always wanted to hike the Grand Canyon and never found the time. It would certainly be a lasting experience for your kids and help your spouse see that you are thoughtful and loving.

In many ways, finding activities to do together as a family is about a lot more than fun. It is a way to create stronger bonds. The joy in doing activities that promote exercise and good health is something your children will carry with them into adulthood. You’re giving them a future of fitness and capability.

Backyard Camping

This is easy to set up and can be a great deal of fun. It is also a fantastic way to get your young children used to sleeping outside. Once they have that experience in a safe and familiar environment, it will be easier to take them camping in the summer.

Take the time to print out a few star maps of the night sky in your area. Use flashlights to illuminate the maps and then stargaze with your kids to identify as many constellations as you can. This is a great activity to get them interested in learning and an effective way to calm them down enough for sleep.

couple riding bikes

Bike Rides

The cooler air makes this a great time to take the kids out on a bike trail. They won’t get as hot and dehydrated as they would in summer. Also, there will be fewer people crowding the trails. This allows you to teach your children bike safety, take your time enjoying the ride and the natural beauty of the trail.

Pack a picnic with plenty of nutritious drinks so that everyone can replenish themselves before riding back down. Even in the cool weather, you still need to stay on top of your hydration.


This is a popular activity in Europe that is making its way over to America. A ramble is basically a walk, but instead of focusing on exercise or getting from point A to point B, the ramble has a different objective.   Rambling is considered a rural sport because it does take you on quite long walks. As it is about exploring the countryside and appreciating the natural beauty of the area in a measured and focused manner, you can spend several hours at it. Thus, it is best to bring along a picnic so that you do not lose energy.

This activity is great for building stamina and conditioning muscle. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get your children interested in paying close attention to local flora and fauna. Help them make sketches of the wildflowers they see or take pictures of the little bugs and butterflies. You can frame these and place them around the house. Your children will definitely be heartened to keep exploring and learning.

Carnivals and Funfairs

This is a lot more fun and a bit less sporty. Your kids will run around a lot, but the sugary foods at the carnival may negate the exercise benefits they gain. Yet, the sheer fun and enjoyment of a carnival and funfair are hard to beat when it comes to making memories.

You could even forego local funfairs and take the children directly to your favorite amusement park. This will be a bit more crowded, but you get to relive your youth through their experiences. You may even connect with your children over enjoying the same roller coaster or being equally bad at shooting targets.            

You do not even necessarily need to do activities that are for the whole family. For instance, you can sign your kids up for a sports camp. You can’t participate, but it is a great opportunity to show them how invested you are in their interests and that you support them.

Children gain a great deal of self-esteem and confidence from seeing their parents cheer them on. Don’t forget to ask their opinion because it matters to them that you considered their thoughts. This way, you all can have fun together whatever you choose to do.

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