Enjoying Your Backyard: Top Adventures in America


skydivingThere are many adventures you can have in America. Whether you want to get yourself a custom-made initial belt buckle and experience a rodeo or strap on a snorkel and enjoy the Key West coastline, you are sure to find exactly what you want. The sheer range of geographical features allows someone to experience everything from hot weather activities to snowy fun. All you really need is to know what is possible so you can pick the adventure that thrills your heart.

Naturally, there are some activities such as hiking the Grand Canyon where you should join a tour group or activity club. But for the most part, there are many activities that you can enjoy just to connect with yourself and enjoy the sheer beauty of mother nature. Being out in nature is very healthy for the mind and body. Taking an adventure to explore a place you’ve never been before might be just what you need to get over the depressing effects of having been stuck at home during the lockdowns.

Powered Parachuting

Powered parachuting is like parachuting if it grew up and got a motorbike. The powered part comes from the seat you will be strapped into which resembles a go-kart. You will be buckled into the seat, your chute will be unfolded, and you will take off down a short runway into flight. If you have never parachuted before, you can choose a two-seater go-kart so that the instructor will be with you to help guide your flight.

Whale Watching

Why not take a short cruise to see nature’s largest creatures in their natural habitat. You can watch these titans of nature swim right by the boat, take pictures of their plumes and jumps. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a baby whale with its mother. Whales are very maternal and loving of their children. It is a sight to behold to see a baby whale and compare it to how large it will become someday.

Certified Diving

People who are working on getting their diving certifications should consider volunteering with shipwreck explorers. Make sure to check their credentials and only join up with people who are PADI-certified so you know it is an experience that will count towards your diving points.

Depending on where the explorers are diving, you could get to see new kinds of undersea flora and fauna including exploring shipwrecks. The shipwrecks are likely to be pieces of history that only a handful of amateurs have ever seen. It is unlikely you will find anything as most shipwrecks have been heavily explored but it is will be a truly unforgettable experience.

dirt driving

Drag Racing

Diving is slow work. If you prefer going fast and especially on land, then drag racing is the sport for you. There are drag racing schools where you can learn how to manage a car going the fastest you can drive it. The schools provide experienced instructors and flame-retardant suits so you know you’re in good hands. Some people have even found a passion and skill for drag racing and gone on to get their NHRA license so they can race professionally.


If being on wheels is fun but fast is not relaxing for you, then why not take a biking tour? A bike tour of Sonoma wine county is sure to be a wonderful experience both for exploring nature and enjoying delicious wine and food. Sonoma is dotted with great wineries, cozy bed and breakfasts, and highly rated restaurants. This is a great adventure to take with your significant other to explore what it’s like to be together in a totally different setting.

There are many ways you can enjoy a bike trip. Join a tour group so you won’t have to worry about an itinerary while you make some new friends with similar interests. Or rent a room at a quaint and comfortable inn and take your bike out on short trips every day. Pull up a map, pick a direction, and go exploring and picnicking.

Whitewater Rafting

This is a perfect activity to do with your friends or if you’re looking for a unique bachelor party idea. You can find white water rafting adventure groups that are dedicated to exploration. Adventurous people are sure to enjoy pitching camp and hiking from one river spot to the other after the adrenaline rush of the raft trip.

People in search of a thrill and making some exciting memories would likely enjoy a company that can provide a luxury experience. These companies will only take you on rivers that are manageable for beginners, have comfortable glamping set up ready at the end location, and can even arrange for catered campfire meals.

There are so many possibilities of activities and trips you can take to have a special American adventure. It might seem hard to choose and these are just the summer fun.

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