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Leisure means different things for different people. The idea of a perfect vacation changes with personalities. People who live in a busy town, often seek escape in the mountains while those living in suburbs chase adventure. At the end of the day, vacation is meant to make you happy or allow yourself to cross some things off your bucket list. Anyhow, you need a vacation from time to time. It’s scientifically proven

There are multiple things one can do to pass time. If you like to chill in your own estate, you can buy mini golf carts to play with your friends in your leisure time. It’s fun of course, but there are some other things that make your heart beat fast and pump up your adrenalin. If you’re that kind of person, then these places are just right for you. 

Thrilling adventure resorts for a rip-roaring time 

Get ready to plan a rocking weekend with your loved one or go solo. These resorts have you covered for a thrilling vacation. You can trust these to take you on an enthralling ride that will be super fun. Remember to bring your camera with you to capture every moment. 

  • Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia: This is an award-winning resort built on the grounds of Freycinet Peninsula, a national park located in Tasmania island. This resort is fully action-packed as it promises adventurous hikes, a guided canoe tour and sports like archery. The resort is known for beautiful forest views from the balcony. You’ll witness the night sky covered in stars from your bed.

Other activities include fishing, sea kayaking, and mountain biking. It takes a real adventure lover to take up a bike to steep mountains. But no worries, even if you’re an amateur, you can try your hand at it as everything is guided. All you need is the right mindset for fun. The place is also a haven for peace lovers as it incorporates gorgeous spas and lavish dining halls amidst the woods. You can feast your taste buds on fresh oysters, Tasmanian lamb, and locally produced cheeses. The experience is heavenly. 

  • Bugaboo Lodge, CMH Heli Skiing, British Columbia, Canada: If you’re a fan of winter white sheets, then this is the place for you. You’ll wake up to the most mesmerizing glaciers and stone-cold snow mountains. The resort is known for the exciting skiing trips that they offer in the mountains. When you’re back from your stimulating slides on the soft snow, you can relax in the hot tubs while soaking in the beautiful scenery.

The helicopter takes you up to the pointy peaks of Pursells. The bird-eye view is the most magnificent sight as mountains look amazing. It can be followed by walks along sinuous ridges and turquoise glacial lakes. Remember to pack the thickest of your clothes as the winter here is quite challenging. 

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  • Salkantay Lodge and Adventure Resort, Peru: Nestled in Soraypampa Valley, there is the most lavish adventure resort, built in the legs of Salkantay and Humantay peaks. The resort looks beautiful between the towering peaks where it offers tons of activities. It’s famous for its rocky treks to the mountain tops. It has to be said that the treks are only for brave hearts. If you’re a bit soft on the climbing, you can try less tough glacier climbs as the resort provides.

Water sports lovers can enjoy rafting in the Rio Blanco. The resort also offers mountain biking across lively terrains. You enjoy beautiful views from the mountains while the resort people can take care of the safety. For explorers, they offer rides on Arabian horses to explore the hidden ruins. After a day filled with adventure, you can calm your nerves in a relaxing hot tub. 

  • Three Camel Lodge, Gobi, Mongolia: These lodges are unique as they blend the cultural experience with 5-star service. You get a chance to stay in tents in the middle of Gobi. The resort offers guided tours of the grounds along with hiking, biking, and famous sightseeing.

You get a rare opportunity to indulge with locals and enjoy their traditional dances and immerse yourself in the wonders of desert life. At night, you’ll dine in domes lathered with handmade furniture and ancient art. This experience is suitable for desert and culture lovers. Take a tour of the desert on the camelbacks and soak in the beauty of the cold desert at night. 

Each of these adventure resorts is unique and caters to specific tastes. One might be good for some people while others might hate it. You must choose the one that suits you. Remember to book these resorts during the best of seasons so you can enjoy the beauty and adventure activities fully. They might need advance booking so it’s best to set a date. 

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