How to Make Your Child More Interested in Sports

father playing basketball with his son

Sports activities hone children’s motor skills, increase their physical strength, and teach them valuable lessons in life. If you want to get your child more interested in sports, here are ideas that you can try. One of the best ways that children learn is through play and activity. By playing sports, children not only increase their mobility, but they also learn the value of sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline.

More importantly, sports incorporate regular physical activity into a child’s life. With the continuous rise of childhood obesity in the country, exercise is one of the best ways to keep your kids fit and healthy. If you want your children to be more physically active through sports, here are some ways you can spark their interest:

1. Lead by example

You are your child’s role model. Therefore, they will likely adopt your habit, both good and bad, as they grow up. So, instead of being sedentary, play sports with your children in the backyard or at the park. Teach them how to play and find out which sport they are most interested in. You can even invest in equipment such as a batting cage and an innovative radar speed gun or a basketball hoop so that you can play at home.

2. Watch games

Instead of the usual kids’ TV shows, why not flip the channel to a basketball or a football game? Teach them the basics of the sport so they can follow what the players are doing on the screen. This can either inspire them or bore them, so if they aren’t interested in the game, try another sport to watch next time.

If you want, you can also take your child to watch live games. Make it a bonding moment with them. Not only can this inspire your child to take up the sport, but it will also make memories that you and your child can cherish forever.

3. Let your child choose

kids playing hockey

When your child is ready, sign them up for a team or an after-school program. Let them choose whatever sport they want so that they don’t feel forced. Some parents tend to push their children towards a specific sport, but this can end up backfiring for a lot of reasons. So instead of picking out their sport for them, let them choose whatever they want to pursue. If it ends up being not what they want, help them find something else.

4. Make sports fun

Sports should be fun for children. If you make it seem like a chore, you increase the chances of veering their interest away from the sport instead of towards it. Rather than being pushy and strict when teaching your kids about the sport, keep it fun and relaxed. Let your child play at their own pace and guide them as you go along; don’t pressure them into being good at the sport or even playing the sport right. Your child will learn in time, but for now, make it fun to maintain their interest.

The interest in sports doesn’t come naturally for all children. That said, it can be challenging for parents to get their kids into sports. But with these tips, you can introduce your child to sports and, hopefully, help them find their passion while they are young.

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