Great Adventures for Thrill-Seekers

Man standing on a mountain

From its high trees to massive desserts, Utah offers endless possibilities for adventurers and travelers like yourself. You can spend your lifetime exploring its lands, but you’ll only scratch the surface.

If you want to spend the weekend pushing yourself to the limit while enjoying nature at its finest, there’s nowhere else to go but Utah.

Ride it out with an ATV tour around the Zion National Park

Like to get it rough? A little dust not going to throw you off? Then pack your bags and set off on an off-road adventure with an ATV tour in the Zion National Park. Many companies offer Zion Park tours, and you can choose from 3-hour to full-day experiences depending on your budget and how much time you have.

What’s impressive is that you get to ride at the top of Utah plateaus and get amazing views of glassy lakes, mountain ranges, and dunes. There are also packages that let you ride during sunset, giving you a spectacular view of Utah’s sunset. You can also try and check if there are zip lines and other adventures in Zion Park.

Challenge gravity at the via ferrata, Ogden

Utah is hiding one of the only three via ferrata sites in the country, and it’s in Mount Ogden located between the city of Ogden and Snowbasin Resort. Literally meaning “iron road” in Italian, a via ferrata has metal rungs connected to a rock face. It also has a cable that climbers can clip into. The via ferrata in Ogden gives you a fantastic view of the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

See how you’ll survive in a wilderness survival camp

Man in a wilderness survival campThe regular city life doesn’t really challenge our survival skills in the wild, but if you’d love to see how well you’d do, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School can show you the ropes. The school teaches basic survival skills for rescue, hunting, catching food, recognizing edible and poisonous plants, and more. You’ll get to sleep out in the desert for weeks with just a blanket, knife, water bottle, poncho, and the clothes on your bank. Now that’s what you’d call an adventure!

Paraglide your way to bliss

If you want the ultimate daredevil adventure of your life, paragliding may be the best option for you. There are lots of paragliding spots in Utah, with several companies offering special packages that include everything from your equipment to basic training.

One of the best gliding locations in Utah is the Draper’s Point of the Mountain because of its favorable wind patterns. Paragliders also now have a park with picnic tables, parking lot, and restrooms.

In the end, adventures are not hard to find in Utah. Whether you want to feel the wind on your face or test your driving skills in the dunes, you will find something that you will love. In any adventure that you’ll take, it’s best to come prepared by researching the do’s and don’ts of your next adventure.

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