Style Alternatives for Ankle Braces

Ankle Braces

The increase in lifestyle diseases has seen many people look into ways of keeping them at bay or controlling them when suffering from the same. One of the best options for both lies in an active lifestyle. Sports are the standard choice for those who want to keep fit, maintain their health, and have fun. Even with all these benefits, they expose even the most careful and physically capable people to a range of injuries.

Braces, more so the back and shoulder support brace, are the most common orthotic devices associated with rehabilitation in sports injuries. The ankle is, however, also a frequently injured area and should be sufficiently protected and treated when injured. Compression and stability are the two main elements aimed at in the treatment of and protection against ankle sports injuries. For these, an ankle brace is essential. The following are the style alternatives available for ankle braces.

Sleeve Ankle Braces

These have a pull-on design without laces, hinges, or straps. Sleeve ankle braces are widely available though they might not be the most comfortable. While they offer less support for your ankle compared to other braces, they are effective for the relief of the inflammation, pain, and swelling associated with tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. Sleeve ankle braces are made of knit fabric or neoprene and primarily used as a primary protection level for ankle injuries.

Rigid Ankle Braces

These are meant to be used in a complete rehabilitation program. Rigid ankle braces offer the highest protection degree and are thus generally used by professional athletes. Stirrup and lace-up braces are the two kinds of rigid ankle braces. The rigid lace-up braces will have plastic inserts that will press against the ankle’s sides. In so doing, they prevent the ankle’s eversion and inversion. Rigid stirrup braces, on the other hand, feature a hinge design. They allow the ankle’s plantar and dorsiflexion. These braces also have additional straps that offer extra ankle support when tied around the ankle.

Ankle Braces

Post-injury ankle braces

These are, at times, known as stirrup braces. They have a semi-rigid design and a hinge that will allow the downward or upward flexion of your foot. Post-injury braces are either gel or air-filled and can be heated or chilled for effective management of the pain associated with ankle sprains. The height of these braces can be adjusted for tibia-fibula fracture or syndesmosis support. Furthermore, the rigidity of the braces can be increased by the addition of plastic or metal strips.

Lace-Up Ankle Braces

These are commonly made from vinyl or nylon. The lace-up design will allow its wearer to adjust the brace’s tightness easily. Though inexpensive, lace-up braces will not have a customized fit for their wearers and might thus not be as effective for the treatment of ankle injuries.

There are now several manufacturers for the above types of ankle braces, along with multiple places you can source them from. This makes it crucial to pick a knowledgeable manufacturer for your ankle braces. This way, you will rest assured that your braces do not aggravate any ankle injuries or increase your risk of sports-related ankle injuries.

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