Outdoor Activities: Can You Do Them During the Pandemic?

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Throughout much of the pandemic, many sports enthusiasts, adventurers, athletes, and travelers are stuck in the four corners of their homes. This means that the physical activities that people used to do are now severely limited. Instead of being able to a cross-country run or bike through different towns, most individuals are just stuck.

But even though most individuals are stuck at home, that shouldn’t mean that they can’t go out once in a while to enjoy the great outdoors. Despite everything that might have happened since last year, it’s still possible to enjoy your time in remote areas by yourself or with a few people that you’ve been with for the majority of the pandemic.

But is it safe to do physical activities outdoors? What are some factors that you’ll need to consider? Here’s what you’ll need to know when it comes to enjoying some of the outdoor activities safely; that you used to do.

Is It Safe to Go Out For Physical Activities?

First we have to discuss the elephant in the room: is it safe to go outside even when we’re close to the tail-end of the pandemic? Well, it’s still “dangerous” to go out, but most evidence would suggest that it’s alright if you go to remote areas rather than going to crowded public places. Essentially, going to more remote locations is safer than staying in population centers and buildings that have a lot of inhabitants.

Theoretically, most studies have shown that staying inside buildings have a higher likelihood of transmission from the virus than staying outside. This is usually attributed to the air circulation and ventilation systems that are being used. When you’re outside, you’re not limiting yourself to an enclosed area. Thus, it’s safer to be outside, especially if you’re going to a remote area that has little to no human contact.

Still, it’s important to always abide by rules and regulations that are set by authorities when it comes to going out. Just because you’re not in close proximity with anyone at the present moment doesn’t mean that you’re completely safe from the transmission. That said, you’ll need to be careful if you’re not quite certain where your companions have been to.


Nothing can beat the thrill of going off the beaten path with your off-road bike or SUV. If you’re not one that wants to spend the entire day walking towards a destination, why not do it with wheels? This is by far one of the best ways of enjoying your time in the wilderness with friends and family members. Although, it can be a bit dangerous if you’re well-versed with driving around rocks and craggy terrain.

If you’re still new to off-roading, you might want to consider visiting sites that are already considered safe and conducive to off-road vehicles. Normally, there are a variety of all-terrain vehicle courses that most people can go to and practice their skills in off-road driving. Fortunately, there are ATV tours that are known for having a good balance of safety and thrill that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. These types of courses are great for family and workplace outings.

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This activity is still one of the most popular ways of spending your time with your group of friends. Taking in the view of nature while going from point A to point B without having to worry about pacing is a great way of improving your core strength.

Don rsquo;t know where you should be going? There are a variety of national parks that are already open across the west coast as a means of bouncing back the local economy. However, most experts would suggest going to these parks when there’s not that much foot traffic.

But even though you’re in the mood to hike, you’ll still need to ensure that the people you’re with aren’t affected by COVID-19 or any contagious disease. One way of being sure is by going with people that you know.


Want to stay out with your friends for a bit longer than usual? Camping is a great way of experiencing more of nature and sharing a stronger bond with your friends. This can also open up more possibilities for other activities that you can do in the area.

If you’re planning on staying with your friends for months to get away from the hustle and bustle of safety while confiding in the protection of nature, you should stock up on food.

Although these might be uncertain times, you can still enjoy your outdoor activities, as long as you’re observing safety measures and ensuring that you’re maintaining a good distance between other people and yourself. There are a variety of activities that you can do. Still, you’ll have to be sure that you’re going with people that you can trust in terms of keeping themselves safe.

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